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Dermis has performed well over 30000 laser hair removal treatments in Ottawa. We are the laser hair removal experts and our friendly therapists are happy to answer all of your questions (including pricing).


Downtown - 613 233 7546

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Dermis Advanced Skin Care
110-116 Albert St.
Ottawa, ON | K1P 5G3

Orleans - 613 854 3376

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Dermis Advanced Skin Care
7-3712 Innes Rd.
Ottawa, ON | K1W 0C8

Shopping Around? Ask the right questions.

Always ask the following questions:

1. Do you use a laser or IPL device. What kind of laser?
2. Do you use contact cooling?
3. What is your pre- and post- treatment protocol?
4. Does your laser treat blonde or red hair? The answer should be NO.
5. Is the laser technician CAPELT certified?