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How Laser Hair Removal Works
Laser Hair Removal 101 - Educational Mini-Book

Virtually everyone, at one point in their lives has suffered from unwanted hair. Whether you have hair on your legs, face, back, bikini line, or anywhere on your body, chances are you've tweezed, plucked, and shaved, waxed or even tried electrolysis. Laser hair removal has made all of those older methods obsolete by offering a much faster, less painful and more permanent solution to unwanted hair.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments to be effective. There are no short cuts to this process. Each treatment removes a progressive percentage of the hair until ultimately the skin becomes smooth and hair free. Dermis accurately prices its treatment packages thru completion of the process, and beyond.

Things to consider when choosing a laser hair removal provider

  • The medical degree and experience level of the treatment provider
  • 200% AWESOME Guarantee
  • The number of years the company has been in business
  • The quality of the hair removal equipment (lasers and not IPL)
  • The ability to safely treat all skin colors
  • Convenient locations
  • Accurate Pricing to procedure completion

Researching the best laser hair removal value should be as quick as the treatment itself, so don't wait! Contact us now for the best combination of experience and value in laser hair removal... and get started with your first treatment on the day of your purchase!