Outstanding Customer Service

Our Guarantee

At Dermis, we know that looking good is part of feeling good. With this in mind, we invite you to improve your look, as well as to save time with safe and effective hair reduction. We are dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle with laser hair removal treatments performed with the highest level of customer service available anywhere.

We put it in writing.

200% Awesome Guarantee
If you're not happy with any service, we'd like a chance to fix the problem to prove to you that we're the best. We'll give you the treatment again FOR FREE. One condition applies; you tell us there was a problem at checkout time.

15 Minute On-Time Guarantee
If we aren't on time and we didn't communicate with you, your treatment is free. We know how important being on schedule is. You have somewhere to be. We want to make sure you get there on time!

Complete Skin Care on each visit
Every treatment comes with an indepth SkinRX assessment of the health of your skin and recommended home care! We care about all aspects of your skin care regime. You're well taken care of post-treatment too.